Community Table  Programs

Slow Food Denver builds community, strengthens relationships between local food producers and consumers, and educates people about how the food they eat gets to their tables And speaking of tables, we believe that’s where magic happens — when a group of people gather around the table to share ideas and the pleasures of food, new friendships form, creativity blossoms, and the world becomes a healthier, happier place.

Our Community Table program offers many ways to meet like-minded people and build a strong food community.

Preserve the Harvest
Teaching preservation techniques.

Crop Mobs
We help connect urban farmers with helping hands.

Farm tours designed to cultivate the enjoyment of local food by connecting city-dwellers with local farmers.

Ark of Taste
The Ark of Taste is a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction.

Micro-Grant Program
Supporting the local food movement through funding.

DIY Book Club
Promoting the good food literary network.